Multipli Solar Finance

Solar Energy Innovation Just Got Easier

Ready to help your customers say yes to your solar solution?

Financing of solar and energy efficient equipment through Multipli may provide your customer with a cashflow positive solution from day one of installation.

Every margin business needs to be fast to the deal, and faster to the win. Every layer of discount offered in order to outplay your competitors can hurt your profitability.

If your clients have the will to invest in solar technology and installations, we can help you show them the way.

Our solar finance solutions help you overcome common objections around budget by enabling customers to spread the cost over terms up to 7 years.

You receive the full deal value upfront, and your customers get the ongoing benefits of smart energy options for years to come.

It’s time to Multipli your business.

With Multipli you will receive full payments, faster

Enjoy receiving the full value of your energy deal, right up front.

Close more sales by making your solution financially viable

Help customers substantially reduce their energy usage and operating costs.


Only one day to accredit once we have all your details.

Why Multipli your
solar Business?

  • Reduce traditional payback periods for customers
  • Make your solutions and services easier to acquire
  • Create a competitive advantage that differentiates your business
  • We can finance the full value of your deal, and make it easy for your customers to say yes to smarter energy options
  • Allow your sales team to quote and produce finance contracts at point of sale

What people are saying.

Team leasing and now Multipli have been successfully funding our commercial solar deals for over 4 years. Their online system allows our sales team to sign customers up at point of sale which has greatly helped to reduce the paperwork burden and minimise break points in the sales cycle.

David Yousefian,
General Manager Hello Solar

Who do we accredit?

If you offer clean energy solutions, and meet the following criteria, you’re eligible to apply for our Clean Energy Financing.

  • Two years trading history
  • A sales team in place
  • A great reputation?

You’re eligible!