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Multipli your business

Say goodbye to long waits associated with the finance process.

mymultipli keeps your sales moving quickly with seamless and ‘straight-through’ creating and processing of customer payment plans, online.

mymultipli is a purpose-built software solution that allows accredited partners to integrate online sales order processes with our finance approvals and payment systems.

Your customers get rapid notification of approval, you get paid the full value of the contract quickly and we manage the billing cycle in one, smooth, painless process.

No more approval bottlenecks, and clunky, time consuming invoice printing, scanning, uploading and signing.

Just you, a laptop or mobile device, a fresh, easy to use interface and a few quick, easy steps to get your deals financed and your upfront payment confirmed.

  • Create and save customer quotes
  • View your dashboard of deals and their status in an instant
  • Apply for customer credit and get a decision within seconds
  • Produce deal documentation on the spot for review and signature

Give your customers a frictionless sales experience, and boost your close rate by having flexible finance options available on the spot.

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